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These 12 factors make becoming a trader the best job in the world

 These 12 factors make becoming a trader the best job in the world 

What makes you want to work in trading? Why trade? Here are 12 reasons why trading is one of the best careers you can pursue if you're considering working in the stock, FX, or commodity markets. Trading is a special career that provides numerous advantages that no other profession can. This is also the reason I made the decision to work as a trader full-time.


These 12 factors make becoming a trader the best job in the world

Trader Is The Best Job In The World For These 12 Reasons

1. Any background is ok

It doesn't matter what you did before to becoming a trader. What matters is your ability to consistently produce income from trading. You don't need a degree from a top university to be a successful trader. The trading industry is a skill-based one. The majority of the top traders in the world also lack college degrees. If you are willing to learn, determined, persistent, and most importantly, disciplined and patient, you can become a successful trader.


2. Simple

Since I hate paperwork and bureaucracy, I steer clear of investments that require documentation, like real estate. When launching a business, there is also a pile of paperwork and customer service to manage. There isn't much documentation, and there are no customers for trade. You can start trading right away if you just open a trading account and deposit some money. Exactly like that.


3. Low Cost

Real estate purchases and starting a business are both expensive endeavours. In order to engage in trading, you only need a small sum of money. For instance, you may open a stock account for 10 million rupiah or a currency account for just $500. To work, you don't require a flashy automobile and wardrobe. You can exchange while drinking coffee in your pyjamas at home. You actually need the newest and quickest computer while mining bitcoins. However, you can use a basic computer and free trading software for trading. Because I trade from home, I spend far less on commuting, dining out, and clothing.


4. Flexible

You can have a rather enjoyable life if you decide to become a full-time trader. You are not required to go to work every day. It is not enjoyable at all to wake up early and get caught in traffic for hours. You can get out of this contemporary type of slavery by working as a merchant full-time. You can work whenever and wherever you choose if you're a full-time trader. With a laptop or smartphone and a dependable internet connection, you may trade.


You have the flexibility to regulate your working hours whenever you please, so you don't need to take a vacation during a busy time of year. Additionally, you are free to decide how you will work. If you decide to trade on a longer timeframe, you will have plenty of free time. Do you prefer to daytrade? It's acceptable to wish to trade more funily. You can adjust your trading strategy to fit your needs and preferences. Not a bad life, is it not?


5. You Are The Boss

You don't have a boss if you trade. You are in charge. Making your own decisions is part of being a trader. There's no need to work if you're not feeling well and don't want to do anything. There isn't a boss directing your every move. You are in charge of your own life and work.


6. Organize Your Own Social Life

It's possible that you dislike interacting with others. Trading is a profession where earning money does not require interaction with others. You and the market can be the "Lone Wolf." You can also meet and socialise with other fellow traders if you like being around people. There are numerous different trading communities.


7. Learn About Many Things

Trading teaches you more than just technical analysis techniques. You can eventually learn about fundamental analysis to understand how the market, the economy, and supply and demand are related. Given that politics has a significant impact on the market, you might also wish to learn about politics. Additionally, gaining knowledge about trading psychology might help you better comprehend market behaviour. Additionally, it implies that you will be well-versed in human behaviour and extremely beneficial in your interpersonal interactions. I find it fascinating to learn about many topics.


8. You Can Trade Until the End

Trade isn't a physically demanding job. You can trade if you can press a button or touch your smartphone. You are not really required to retire as a trader if you don't want to. Since trading requires no physical labour and can be done from home, you are free to do it as long as you like. So, as a trader, you have the potential to earn money all your life long. The benefit of having a healthy brain as you age is another benefit. Trading is all about using your strategic thinking, which helps you avoid becoming senile as you age.


9. Trading Will Make You A Better Person

Many people believe that trading is solely about financial gain. Obviously, there must be a relationship. But in my view, trading involves more than just financial gain. A path toward self-discovery, trading is. A person's bad traits, such as greed, envy, rage, or fear, may come out when they trade. Being able to manage all of this negativity will make you a better trader and person. You will not only become a successful trader but also more disciplined, thankful, peaceful, and modest.


10. Family Time

Working as a trader enables you to spend more time with your family. If you have kids, you can observe their growth while standing close to them. If you work 8 or 10 hours a day, you will lose at least half of your child's childhood until they are adults. It is priceless to spend time with youngsters and see them grow. When you work from home as a trader, you might be able to spend more time with the people that are essential to you.


11. No Financial Problems

Traders that are successful can produce cash flow. Trading gives everyone the chance to make enough money to live comfortably, or in the hip phrase Trading For Living, even if you're not a trillionaire because trading is difficult.


12. You Can Do Other Things You Like

Being financially comfortable is one thing, but having the freedom to do anything you want, whenever you want, comes with being a trader. Perhaps you are not only interested in trading. By working as a trader full-time, you can pursue a range of other hobbies. For instance, you can engage in trading while travelling to numerous countries. You might even continue running your home business while honing your culinary skills. You are free to live however you choose.


Consequently, that is the rationale behind my opinion that trading is one of the best careers in the world. This is another reason why I continue to educate myself and raise the bar on my trade.


But let's face it—trading is not simple. This can be discouraging at times. You can suffer losses. But try not to get too dejected. I believe it is important for us to remember why we trade. Hopefully, the list of justifications above will serve as a reminder of why you are striving so arduously to become a profitable trader.


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